How To Get A DBA in Texas

It is easy to file and receive a DBA in Texas. This article outlines the requirements and procedures for obtaining a Texas DBA.

What do you know about Texas “Doing business as…”?

DBA is shorthand for “Doing Business As,” but it can also be known as several other names. These terms are also used in business practices such as “Assumed name,” “Fictitious name,” and “Trade name.” DBA in Texas is known as an “Assumed name.”

DBA is used by companies when they want to use a different business name than their legal name. Texas law requires that a business adopt this practice to register its business name. This is the case in most states. Consumers are protected from businesses hiding behind a new name by registering DBA business names.

What are the requirements to register a DBA name in Texas?

The Texas state statutes provide detailed information about the registration requirements for a DBA (or Assumed business name) in Texas. The requirements for your business type and legal structure will determine which type you need.

  • Partnerships and sole proprietorships there are the businesses that use DBAs most. The legal name of the company is often the same as that of the owner. This allows the company to be used without registration. Jane Jones, for example, can establish a consulting business under her own name without having to register. Jane Jones’ Consulting would need to register her DBA if she wanted to start a business.
  • Corporations and LLCsThese entities are not required to register a DBA. They usually get a unique name upon their formation. A DBA may distinguish between different business lines if the main company has multiple business operations.

DBA Certificates and Registration Forms

You can get a DBA registration (Assumed name Form) from the County Clerk’s Office if your business is a Sole Trader or Partnership. This office is located in the county where your business is physically situated.

Form 503, the Assumed name Certificate, is required for corporations and LLCs.

How much does Texas registration cost?

The cost of registering a DBA in Texas to register partnerships or sole proprietorships will vary depending on where you are registered. It usually costs about $15.

There is an additional $25 fee payable to the Secretary for State (SOS) for LLCs and corporations. The total cost of the fees is approximately $40.

Register names are valid for ten years and can be renewed.

What are the steps to file a DBA in Texas

Partnerships and Sole Proprietorships

  1. Verify that your preferred name is available. Conducting a thorough investigation is the first step. Texas Business Name SearchEach county in which your business will be located. This is done to ensure that the name has not been used.
  2. Get the form. Next, complete an Assumed name Certificate and submit it to the County Clerk of each state where you plan to operate. The County Clerk’s website should allow you to access the required forms.
  3. Please complete the form. The following information is required:
    1. Name of DBA to be registered
    2. Address for business.
    3. Type of business entity
    4. Name and address for business owners

Have the form notarized notary must witness the signing of documents before you sign the form. Many County Clerk’s offices provide notary services for no charge.

  1. Register. Send your notarized and completed registration form to each county where your business will be operating.

LLCs and corporations

  1. Verify that your preferred name is available. Your business name cannot be identical or similar to another LLC or corporation registered in Texas. Search the SoS website to find existing business names. Learn how-to here.
  2. Please complete the form. The following information is required:
    1. Name of DBA to be registered.
    2. The current legal name of your business.
    3. Type of business entity
    4. Jurisdiction for business.
    5. Address of the principal office.
    6. County/counties in which the business will be located.
    7. A number of the SOS file.

Send the form. Send your completed registration form and payment to the following address.

Secretary of State
PO Box 13697
Austin, TX 78711-3697

  1. Filing by CountyYou must also file your DBA registration with the Secretary of State. You should also send the registration to the County Clerk’s Office.

Protect your business name

While registering your LLC/Corporation’s DBA will stop another business from using it in Texas, it is not guaranteed to be duplicated in other states. This protection is not available to sole proprietorships or partnerships, but trademarks can protect them.

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