6 Best Registered Agent Services of 2023

Need a good registered agent for your business? Compare 6 of the best registered agent services of 2023.

If you’re forming an LLC, you will need to have the best registered agent service.

Registered agents can protect their owners’ privacy by receiving mail instead of their personal email addresses. Registered agents can help businesses file taxes and keep legalities in place, preventing any future lawsuits.

It is possible to be your own registered agent, but it is not recommended. You could compromise your privacy and safety by disclosing sensitive information, such as your phone number or address.

But this isn’t all.¬†You will need to be available every day from 9 am to 5 pm as a registered agent to receive service of process.¬†This will add to your workload as an owner.¬†A professional registered agent service provider is recommended.

Our List For Best Registered Agent Services

How do you find the best registered agent service?

When choosing a registered agent, price is an important factor.

These company incorporation services will be a huge benefit to an LLC. They offer consultations with attorneys and powers of attorney.

Some of the perks are having registered agents who can answer questions and educate you through social media.

Incfile's registered agent service

Our Favorite Picks For Best Registered Agent Services 

1. Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent website

Northwest Registered Agents is family-owned and run by caring employees. They are familiarized with local businesses and care about the safety and satisfaction of their customers.

Northwest Registered Agents are the best?

Northwest recognizes that clients are going through a lot. They are responsible for ensuring that clients’ problems with business registrations are resolved.

Northwest Registered Agent website

Why Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent charges a $125 annual fee for its registered agent services. The first year for a new company is free.

Northwest Registered Agent offers volume discounts for customers who need service in multiple states.

Registered agent services include assistance with annual report compliance, a suite of free online tools, tips and tricks for filing annual returns, and pre-populated forms that simplify filing. They offer personalized customer service, personal assistants, and local scanned documents. They offer stock certificates as well as LLC membership.

Northwest is a trusted registered agent service provider. We will never send “no response” emails.¬†All emails will receive a response within 24 hours.


Northwest Registered Agent is second on this list because of their competitive pricing (more so than ZenBusiness plus Incfile) and professional customer service officers.

Northwest Registered Agent offers one of the most trusted online registered agent services and provides the best LLC services.

2. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness, a Public Benefit Corporation, empowers small business owners to succeed.

ZenBusiness is dedicated to supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs, small-business owners, and freelancers. ZenBusiness makes it easy to create, manage and grow successful businesses.

ZenBusiness: Why?

Zenbusiness will provide all business documents and files for free. Prices start at $99 for basic coverage and $149 to get complete coverage.

The Standard coverage plan for Zenbusiness includes registered agent services, online access, and expert support.

Zenbusiness offers a worry-free compliance guarantee that provides proactive alerts and notifications about upcoming filing events. This guarantee covers both your annual report filing and two amendments per annum so that you can remain in good standing with the state.

Zenbusiness registered agents are available to help you regain your good standing with the state if you fail to meet deadlines or file an annual report.

Zenbusiness assists you in complying, protects you against tax and legal notices, organizes your documents, accepts them, and keeps them in your dashboard. They are available online for viewing, downloading, and printing.

Zenbusiness offers LLC service at a discounted $39 price. This registered agent’s service has a knowledgeable customer support team that can assist you with any questions.


ZenBusiness is the top-rated registered agent service. It offers the best online registrations and the lowest pricing.

To learn more about ZenBusiness LLC and its offerings, please visit our in-depth ZenBusiness LLC Review.

3. Incfile

Incfile makes it easy to register a business so you can focus on the important things. Incfile is your one stop shop for everything you need to get started.

Incfile makes it simple to register a company. Incfile also uses technology to simplify the process. They have helped over 250,000 entrepreneurs start and grow small businesses since 2004.

They are a trusted registered agent service provider. Their mission is to offer you an extraordinary and modern experience at an unbeatable price.

Incfile: Why?

Incfile is a small business that is not the best online registered agents service provider. However, they offer some unique advantages that make them stand out from other companies. It is $119/year after that.

But this isn’t all.¬†Incfile charges $0 to create an LLC or a new entity.¬†Incfile charges $0 for the basic formation of an LLC or new entity.

Incfile is a database that has registered agents who can receive correspondence from the IRS or state governments. They also have access to compliance documents and legal proceedings.

You will be notified via SMS and email when documents are made available to your business. You will receive all legal correspondence and documentation automatically. You can reach them via live chat during business hours.


Incfile ranks 2nd due to its premium services and free registration for LLC business formation packages. They are modest, but I believe it is fair to rank them among the best online registered agents services.

Incfile is an excellent tool for incorporating LLCs. You can cancel your subscription at any time if you no longer require their services.

4. Harbor Compliance


Harbor Compliance will help your company remain compliant by simplifying licensing.

A group established harbor Compliance made up of technology innovators and government licensing experts. Harbor Compliance was founded by a group of government licensing experts and technology pioneers.

Why Harbor Compliance Registered Agent Service

Harbor Compliance has its own compliance software that powers its nationwide registered agent services. This software provides multi-state organizations with unparalleled security and efficiency.

They offer pre-filled state forms and user-friendly software. Multiple orders can be discounted, and you can get custom notifications and annual report notices for no additional fee.

Harbor Compliance provides registered agent services. After you request their service, you can immediately access the local registered agent address through your Client Portal.

They offer pre-filled state forms, which they can sign in the states that require it.

Registered agent service providers have local offices that are available during business hours in all 50 states. They will send you emails notifications and receive time-sensitive documents. Online access to your documents is also possible.

When you receive process, they will contact your primary contact. Harbor Compliance software monitors your annual reports. It sends reminders ahead of the due dates. This allows you to maintain good standing with the state.


Harbor Compliance is the best registered agent service provider. But, it comes at a high price. Their business formation package costs $499, for example.

There are better options for new business owners looking to create an LLC. These services include assistance and free registration for the first year.

Harbor Compliance is, however, a great choice if you already own an LLC and want to find a registered agent that can offer volume discounts along with their very affordable service.

5. Legalzoom

LegalZoom was founded in 1999 by its founders, who recognized that the internet was the best tool to make legal aid more accessible to all Americans.

Legalzoom Agent Service: Why?

LegalZoom has been serving over 4,000,000 customers around the world and is well-respected.

LegalZoom is a combination of legal technology and highly skilled attorneys. They have certain eligibility requirements to ensure that their customers are happy.

If you are unhappy with your purchase, they will refund all fees within 60 days.


Legalzoom is the most popular legal service provider on this list. LegalZoom is similar to The Corporation Trust Company (TCS), The Corporation Service Company (NCSC), and National Registered Agents Inc.(NRAI). However, LegalZoom costs far less than these big three.

Despite its high standards and reputation, this registered agent service provider is not the best. Legalzoom is a cheaper option for registered agent services.

Read our in-depth LegalZoom Review to learn more about LegalZoom.

6. Rocket Lawyer


Rocket Lawyer’s goal is to make legal services more affordable, accessible, and easy for everyone.

Rocketlawyer puts all its resources into helping people get the legal assistance they need to focus on their families and build strong businesses.

Rocketlawyer provides legal documents, information, and affordable representation from licensed lawyers. Rocket Lawyer On Call allows you to set up a business or create a will.

If you need more advice, local attorneys can help.

Rocketlawyer Registered Agent Service

Rocket Lawyer is an easy way to solve your legal problems.¬†Rocket Lawyer can assist you with complex legal documents or more detailed legal matters requiring an attorney’s help.

These instructions can help you create documents that suit your needs. Members can have documents reviewed by attorneys in their network.

Registering agent services are $149.99 per year for non-members. Premium memberships offer 25% savings and then $39.99 per month.

Membership includes a free business formation service, exempted from state fees.

You can also get quick answers from attorneys to any legal questions. These are similar to Legalzoom’s registered agent services.


Rocket Lawyer offers a free service for business formation. This is a great way to create new LLCs. It is, however, more costly than Legalzoom.

Rocket Lawyer might not be an option if you are only looking for registered agent services. Their subscription services are what make them unique.

Final Thoughts: What Agent Service Should We Select?

Northwest Registered Agent is the best choice if you’re looking for a registered agent who can represent your business.¬†They are reasonable in their fees and have employees who understand their responsibilities.

When forming an LLC, choosing the correct business structure is important. This will protect you from any legal liability and list your shares and lower-income tax.

A registered representative assists businesses by forwarding mails, filing paperwork, and protecting their privacy.

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