How To Start A Business In Texas

Texas is a business-friendly state with a robust economy and is not only the place where some of the great American companies began, like American Airlines, Texas Instruments (Inventor of the integrated circuit 1960s, the hand calculator 1970s, and today’s advanced microprocessors), but businesses also continue to be drawn to the outstanding opportunities of the … Read more

What Is An LLC Operating Agreement?

The operating agreement of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) allows owners to structure working and financial relationships between co-owners to suit the business. In an operating agreement, the co-owners should establish each owner’s ownership percentage share in the LLC, their share of profits, their responsibilities and rights, and how an owner leaving will be handled. … Read more

What Is An LLC? (Limited Liability Company)

What should everyone know about an LLC? When it comes to starting a business, it is important to realize that while you may think that you have a good idea for a business, there is much more to running a business than having good ideas. You should be aware that there is much more to … Read more

How To Name Your LLC

Wondering how to name your LLC? Sometimes you’ll get lucky, and the name for your business will come with the idea for the company itself. You might be struck with a double dose of inspiration where you’re hit with the best name for the best business all at once. Not everyone has that moment, though. … Read more

What Is A Corporation?

Corporations – What Are They Exactly? Corporations impact just about all facets of your day-to-day activities. But if we were to ask you to describe a corporation, what would you say? You might describe a corporation as an organization with a particular distinction that separates it from its owner(s). Would your accountant give the same … Read more