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Business filing services start at $0.00 + state fee. Inc Authority has very positive customer reviews online with a combined Trustpilot score of “Excellent”.

Free Formation Package: $0.00 + state fee. Business name search, document preparation & filing, 1-year registered agent service, and more included.
Starter Package: $399 + state fee
Executive Package: $499 + state fee
Tycoon Package: $799 + state fee</p

Inc Authority Business Formation Services

Given the numerous laws, rules, and regulations that govern the formation of corporations and LLCs, it can be quite difficult to get through the process. This is made even more complicated when you consider how the laws are different in each state.

For those who are looking to create a new business, consider leveraging the experience of a business formation service like Inc Authority to help along the way.

An LLC and cooperation forming service based in Nevada, Inc Authority has built a strong reputation over the years thanks to its focus on providing the best in customer service. Combined with the resources to ensure the fast formation of corporations and LLCs or limited liability companies, Inc Authority offers you the information, guidance, and services needed to form your LLC or corporation.

Why Create An LLC or Corporation?

If you are planning to launch a new business, you may wonder why creating a corporation or LLC is essential. There are good reasons why creating either such an organization under the law can help your business. The most obvious is the tax advantages that you can receive when creating either type of entity.

A corporation is a business that is separated from the owners in terms of their debt and taxes.

This means that you gain the best in personal liability protection when creating a corporation. If your business builds up massive debt or faces numerous taxes, that is not transferred to the owners themselves.

Protecting your personal and business assets means having a firewall against litigation.

When you consider the billions of dollars awarded in lawsuits directed at businesses every year, having such protection means that you and your family are personally protected if the worst should occur.

An LLC or limited liability company puts together sole ownership, partnerships, and corporations into a neat package.

This means that you can hold property and make business transactions while being protected from personal liability. However, many select LLCs because of their pass-through tax benefits when associated with partnerships.

Under US law, you can create an S or C Corporation that best suits your needs. Their staff at Inc Authority can help you choose which one is right for you and your business.

Business Formation Services

First and foremost, they help ordinary people get their businesses started with the best incorporation and LLC formation services.

This means that at their site, you will receive all the information needed to get started. In addition to helping entrepreneurs and owners create LLCs and corporations, they offer the following services.

  • Lawsuit Protection
  • Tax Savings
  • Business Funding Credibility & Access

In addition, Inc Authority provides services designed to speed up the process of getting recognized as an LLC or corporation, along with helping you in your everyday business world.

Business Record Book: Organizing your company records is easier than ever when you take advantage of their Business Record Book.

This means that you can store your records and find them quickly using this simple, but highly effective system.

Now all your files from bank accounts to legal documents and more can be stored in one convenient place.

Premium Rush Service: In addition to their regular services, Inc Authority also provides a Premium Rush Service designed to register your LLC or corporation as fast as possible. Many states offer an expedited service when it comes to registration.

Inc Authority can accelerate its services for those who need quick registration.

Even for states that do not have an expedited service, they can still file within 24 hours of receiving all the necessary paperwork thanks to the Premium Rush Service.

Registered Agent: All LLCs and corporations need to have an address where legal notifications and documents can be delivered. Inc Authority can act as your registered agent, providing a service that benefits you.

By having a registered agent, you have both a legal representative and a buffer between you and the government. Plus, it means you do not have to do the work yourself when hiring Inc Authority as your registered agent.

If you only need registered agent services, we recommend Northwest Registered Agent. Northwest is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and they have offices in each of the 50 states. Check out this article, LegalZoom vs Northwest Registered Agent.

Pricing & Packages

Free LLC Formation Package 

They have bundled their services into affordable packages to make the experience easier and faster. By choosing one of the premium packages, you can get the services needed that will fit your budget. They even offer to form your new LLC or corporation for FREE! Only pay the state fee. 

Why Free Business Formation?

From their website, Inc Authority explains why they provide a FREE but limited business formation service.



By giving away FREE* corporations and LLCs, it means you will have more money in your pocket to make your business succeed.

When you incorporate with, our staff is here to support you in creating your business and protecting your assets. Count on to help you grow your business and protect your family’s future.

From the Inc Authority website:

We help you take advantage of lawsuit protection, tax savings, credibility and access to business funding. As a business owner, you understand the big picture and what you need to do to drive your business, but you also have many reasons to pay attention to the details. But sometimes you can’t do all the work yourself.

Our team of business startup specialists is here to keep you updated on the latest incorporation, tax and financial strategies and to help you manage important business details. After all, you have a business to run. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that your business has been properly established.

When you incorporate with, the staff supports you in creating your business and protecting your assets. Count on to help you grow your business and protect your family’s future.

The packages themselves can be ordered through the business startup experts that work at Inc Authority. Formation packages include the following;

Starter Package

$399 + State Filing Fee

The starter package is the most affordable and provides what is needed for many people to form LLCs and corporations. The services include the following;

  • Verify Availability of Business Name
  • Custom State Filed Articles
  • Complete Operating Agreement and Bylaws
  • Initial Meeting Minutes & Resolutions
  • Record Book & Company Seal
  • IRS Tax ID Number
  • Ownership Certificates
  • Business Credit & Funding Evaluation
  • Tax Consultation
  • One Year Inc Protection Advisor

All of these services are enough to help you get started. For many, this is the place where they begin their business adventure. However, they also offer two more packages that provide additional services if needed.

Executive Package

$499 + State Filing Fee

The Executive package offers everything found in the Starter bundle, but also adds the following services;

  • Business License Report
  • Website Domain

Both of these services mean that you can create your website domain right from the start and receive a business license report when completed.

Tycoon Package

$799 + State Filing Fee

The Tycoon package is the most extensive of all services offered at Inc Authority. In this bundle, you get all the services of the Starter and Executive packages along with the following;

  • Express Processing
  • BizCredit Express
  • Business Credit Coach
  • Multi-Tiered Credit Building System
  • Business Credit LaunchPad
  • D&B Credit Bureau Registration

The Tycoon bundle is mostly for those who are starting up their own corporations, but it may apply to your needs as well.

They will take your call and provide guidance based on the information provided to ensure that you get the right package for your needs.

Why Choose Inc Authority?

There are good reasons why their services are designed to help you.

Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for a while, Inc Authority offers the best in services that are geared towards guiding you to become successful with your business by getting started in the right way.

One-on-One Guidance & Support

They promise top-quality service from start to finish. Their guidance means that you get knowledgeable, experienced personnel at Inc Authority to help you make the best-informed decisions.

Working with Inc Authority is a win-win proposition for both the customer and Inc Authority. You want to establish your LLC or corporation, and they want you to succeed and become a lifelong customer.

They say this is the reason behind offering their free business formation service. Inc Authority can benefit by providing their customers with long-term registered agent services or additional LLC formations if needed. 

Customer Service

They understand that customer service is the benchmark of their efforts to serve you. Inc Authority would not have such great Trustpilot reviews today without the focus on providing the best in customer service.

This starts by being there for you when you need us. This is why they provide multiple forms of contact so that you can get a hold of one of their representatives quickly.

From asking questions to billing inquiries, Inc Authority strives to be the best when it comes to answering your questions.

Additional Services

Getting started is never easy, especially when you are facing a myriad of state and federal laws, rules, and requirements that must be met. Inc Authority offers packages designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations, all while fitting within your budget.

With over three decades of experience, they understand what it takes for you to create your own corporation or LLC.

But they also provide more. From website domains to business coaching, they are a one-stop-shop that provides the services starting business owners need.

Inc Authority has what you need to get your LLC or corporation started. Call or contact them today and let them explain our services, answer your questions, and find the right solutions for your needs. Their friendly staff is waiting to talk to you, so please call or contact them for more information about how to get your LLC or corporation started.

Inc Authority User Reviews 

Inc Authority reviews on Trustpilot 2021

Inc Authority has what you need to get your LLC or corporation started. Call or contact them today and let them explain our services, answer your questions, and find the right solutions for your needs. Their friendly staff is waiting to talk to you, so please call or contact them for more information about how to get your LLC or corporation started.

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