Incfile Review 2021: Online LLC Service For 17 Years

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Incfile LLC Service Review 

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Incfile provides LLC document filing services with prices starting at free! We examine their various business formation packages, pricing plans and discuss their pros and cons, in addition to mentioning some alternative formation services for entrepreneurs in 2021. 

Is Incfile’s Silver Plan Really Free?

Incfiles LLC service and Formation Prices

The answer is YES! Incfile’s Silver package, including preparing and filing articles of organization for an LLC and one year of registered agent services, is $0.00 + state fee. 

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Incfile vs. LegalZoom's LLC Services

LLC Filing, Formation, EIN (Tax ID), Operating Agreement, One-Year Registered Agent, Compliance Reminders, Express Shipping

Incfile $149 + state fee (Our Pick)
LegalZoom $826 + state fee
$349.  LLC Filing
$249.  One-Year Registered Agent
$159.  Operating Agreement, EIN
$69.    Compliance Calendar
= $826 + state fee

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An LLC is a business entity, and a corporation or nonprofit is also known as a business entity. LLC stands for limited liability company.

Incfile LLC formation and incorporation services have been assisting entrepreneurs with forming business entities for over 16 years. Not just LLCs, they can assist with forming an S-Corp, C-Corp, or a Nonprofit Organization.

This includes formation documents, licensing documents, a business website. The LLC formation process with a proven LLC service provider like Incfile can make the registration process quicker and smoother for most applicants.

Others may want to go through the registration process independently, but the trend for more and more people is to use one of the affordable LLC services providers to do the paperwork.

We like Incfile; we think they are one of the best LLC services online and have been for many years.

Incfile's great prices, reputation, and verified Incfile reviews on Trustpilot and Shopper Approved make Incfile a solid choice for small business owners in 2021.


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IncFile started in 2004 as a small enterprise, only to experience massive growth and become a top-rated LLC formation service over time, having assisted business owners with over 500,000+ businesses formed to date.

There are many services you can use to form an LLC online.

However, IncFile has set itself apart from other LLC services despite the high competition prevailing in the industry.

It is now comparable to LegalZoom's LLC services in terms of popularity and a better choice, in our opinion. Both Incfile and ZenBusiness have been at the top of our best LLC service list for the past 3 years.

Both are good LLC formation companies; Incfile has a much longer history, but we think most entrepreneurs are concerned with choosing the best LLC service right now. We think either Incfile or ZenBusiness to be solid choices for LLC formation and incorporation services.

Incfile's registered agent service

In this review, we’ll take a detailed look at various factors that must be considered before choosing one of their affordable LLC formation services. That way, you can decide if Incfile is the right LLC service for your business. 

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Houston, TX 77064

Incfile LLC Service Pros and Cons


  • With the starting fees at just $0 + state fees, they’re currently the most budget-friendly LLC formation service out there. That’s extremely impressive, especially when you consider that LegalZoom, another popular LLC formation service, charges a minimum fee of $79 + state fees (+ additional charges such as registered agent service and getting an EIN) LLC.
  • IncFile has been in the LLC services industry for over 16 years and has formed more than 500,000 businesses since 2004.
  • Although their prices happen to be considerably lower than other competitors, clients have access to 12 months of registered agent service in every package from IncFile, regardless of the value of their package.
  • By forming an LLC with IncFile, you also gain lifetime access to company alerts, which send you reminders whenever the deadlines for filing information statements, business licenses, annual reports, and other necessary documentation draw near. Tracking all this manually can be quite exhausting – IncFile offers you an easy way to overcome these hassles.
  • IncFile has incredible customer feedback ratings. Apart from their high ratings, over ten thousand positive reviews are available on the Internet.
  • They provide outstanding customer service, as well. Their support reps are friendly and knowledgeable and provide unlimited email and phone support to every client.
  • Lifetime company alerts to state requirements and compliance deadlines
  • Name availability searches


  • IncFile’s customer support team used to be notorious for being inaccessible in the past. Although that’s no longer the norm, we did have to wait for over 24 hours to receive responses to specific questions. While such customer service can be typical in the industry, Northwest provided faster customer response times & took additional care to answer all our questions properly.
  • While free filing services are a great benefit, they will always be looking to sell you something else, which could cost you higher prices in the long run.
  • No legal services from an attorney or ongoing legal services like LegalZoom or Rocket Lawyer

IncFile LLC Formation Packages

Are IncFile’s services value-for-money? There’s no doubt about it. Up until recently, IncFile used to charge $49+ for LLC formation. However, their new package promises to provide LLC formation services completely free of cost.

Example of LLC Formation Prices For Texas

Incfile's LLC service prices for a Texas LLC formation

Incfile's LLC Formation Prices For Texas

Silver $0 + $300 Texas state fee
Gold $149 + $300 Texas state fee
Platinum $299 + $300 Texas state fee

Each Plan Includes Registered Agent Services included for 1st year

Incfile LLC service pricing

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Additionally, the free package also includes 12 months of registered agent support for business owners. This is, without a doubt, one of the very best deals you can get your hands on.

IncFile offers 3 LLC formation packages that have their own features and pricing. Go through their pricing page to learn more about their service packages.

Incfile's Silver Formation Package = $0 + State Fee

Incfile's LLC formation service Silver Package

  • Preparation & Filing of Your LLC’s Articles of Organization – You need to set the articles of organization for LLC formation. IncFile's business formation services can help you draft, prepare and file the required documents and ensure smooth filing with state authorities to form your business.
  • Name Availability Check – IncFile will check the business database of the formation state to ensure that another business isn’t currently using the desired LLC name.
  • 12 months of Registered Agent Services – A registered agent is legally required for LLC formation. He accepts important files and documents on behalf of your business and forwards them over to you. This arrangement helps you retain your privacy and also ensures that you don’t miss important deliveries. This service is available for 12 months, after which you will be charged a recurring annual fee of $119. However, you aren’t under any obligation to renew it beyond 12 months.
  • Unlimited Email and Phone Support – If you’ve got a concern or question, it does not matter when your LLC was formed – their reps are always ready to come to your aid via call between 10:00 – 19:00 ET on weekdays.
  • Online Access to Important Documents – Once the state in which your LLC has been established your documents and approval forwards to IncFile, they will post these documents to your dashboard for notifying you that these documents are ready to be viewed and downloaded.
  • Lifetime Alerts – You will be sent email notifications for as long as your LLC exists to let you know about important filing deadlines like business licenses, annual reports, and other important upcoming filings
  • Business Tax Consultations – Business owners can also make use of a thirty-minute tax consultation session with certified tax professionals and ask them your queries related to the tax laws and regulations applicable to your business. 
  • Business Bank Account: Incfile can assist you with setting up a new bank account for your LLC with a Bank of America Business Account. 
  • Online Registration Status Tracking: IncFile has a slick tool that will update and inform you of the status of your order on a real-time basis. 

Incfile's Gold Formation Package = $149 + State Fee

Incfile's LLC formation service gold package

This package includes all features offered by Incfile’s Silver package and –

  • Gold Business Formation Kit – You’ll be given a box that has your LLC’s name on it, along with document organizing tabs and a useful transfer ledger.
  • Banking Resolution: You can use this document for starting a bank account for your business, but it’s redundant if you already have a separate EIN.
  • Express Shipping: You will be sent a physical copy of the articles of association via express shipping, which will take between one to three business days. You’ll be given a shipment tracking number as well.
  • Custom Operating Agreement – Operating agreements are documents that define the company’s ownership structure and establish various ground rules concerning the operations of your business. IncFile will prepare this document for your business.
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN): It is a nine-digit number that serves as an SSN. An EIN allows you to open bank accounts, file your business taxes, employ workers, and many more. While it’s possible to apply for an EIN from IRS authorities, IncFile's business formation service will save you precious time and do it on your behalf.
  • Preparation of S Corporation Tax Form – It is applicable only for certain LLCs as of now. However, if you’d like to file taxes for your business as an S Corporation, the staff at IncFile can prepare & file all relevant forms to serve this purpose.

Platinum Formation Package = $299 + State Fee

Incfile's LLC formation service Platinum Package

This includes all features of the Gold package and …

  • Domain Name and Business Website: IncFile has a partnership with SnapWeb, a website development service that allows you access to a professional-looking website template for your business. Keep in mind that using this feature requires you to pay the service’s monthly hosting fees of $20. The free domain name offer is only valid when you purchase their annual package.
  • Access to a Library of Sample Documents – You will be able to access several legal contract templates from IncFile, including 25+ standard business documents and forms drafted by a licensed attorney, which can be customized to suit your requirements.
  • Expedited Filing of Documents – In case your state offers expedited services, IncFile will select this option. Based on the state you register your business in, the total turnaround time can range between a few weeks to just a couple of days.

IncFile Customer Reviews

IncFile has been in business for over 15 years now, making it easier to discover customer feedback that can let you know what working with them is like.

We analyzed IncFile reviews presented all over the Internet and discovered that their list of pros outweighs their cons greatly.

You can take a look at individual reviews for a comprehensive understanding of their customer service.

However, most customers appreciate the competitive prices and hassle-free customer experience offered by IncFile.

There aren’t many competitors who have the ability to rival IncFile’s impeccable customer reviews.

  • Shopper Approved: 4.8/5 stars 


3 Popular Alternatives to IncFile

There are several LLC formation service providers available today. If you do not like IncFile’s offerings, you can choose one of these options as well:

  • LegalZoom - $99: LegalZoom is preferred by people looking for brand recognition and a long history of LLC formations. They’ve served millions over the last few years. While they are more expensive than many others with prices starting at $79 (but with add-on charges like registered agent services, an operating agreement with EIN) and while they do provide many of the same types of features and services as Incfile, LegalZoom's customer reviews are not very good. Check out this post for a comparison of LegalZoom vs. Incfile.
  • Northwest Registered Agent - $79: Looking for another LLC formation service that is entirely worth every penny? Check out Northwest Registered Agent, which is a highly-rated LLC service. Although they primarily deal with registered agent services, they’ve also branched out into other services over the course of the last twenty years to put together a team of competent business formation services.
  • ZenBusiness - $49: ZenBusiness is the closest alternative to IncFile and provides budget-friendly service packages. They provide 12 months of registered agent services, customizable agreements, and many other features, all for $49. Additionally, 95% of the 4600+ online customer service reviews are positive as well.

Is IncFile The Best LLC Formation Service?

IncFile has more pros than cons, which is something that cannot be ignored. Here’s a more detailed view of when IncFile should or shouldn’t be used for LLC formation

When You Should Use IncFile

For people who need to form an LLC without exceeding their budget, IncFile is perfect for their needs. You can select their free LLC formation package or go for their paid packages. IncFile is ideal for most entrepreneurs looking to form an LLC without any hassles.

When You Shouldn’t Use IncFile

However, we wouldn’t recommend IncFile if you believe that you would require lots of support or desire better features. For those in a complicated situation or requiring extensive help, Northwest is best for their needs. For a premium LLC service, you should go for ZenBusiness, as they provide several useful features.


After carrying out a comprehensive review and ranking of the best LLC formation services available today, we recommend choosing IncFile since they provide free LLC formation services and have top-notch customer reviews. Their services are ideal for people who are looking for a budget-friendly solution.


Is IncFile Really Free?

As a matter of fact, yes. IncFile provides completely free LLC formation services.

While their basic package would previously cost $49, their systems have been refined over the past 15 years, thus helping them offer free LLC formation services. The state filing fees are the only costs you have to pay.

You also get access to many features like next-day processing, lifetime alerts, and registered agent services.

IncFile also provides premium LLC formation packages that cost $149 & $299, guaranteeing faster processing time periods and more features. However, we believe the free package is perfect for most entrepreneurs.

What Incfile Package Is Ideal for Me?

We recommend going for their Silver Package ($0) or their Gold Package ($149). The former makes more sense if all you’re looking for is a basic LLC formation service and 12 months of registered agent services.

Are There Any Discounts Offered By IncFile?

Although they do not provide discounts, IncFile offers an entirely free LLC formation package.

How is The Customer Support At IncFile?

According to user reviews online, IncFile provides impressive customer service, thanks to its friendly and helpful reps. However, they may be slightly slower in responding to customer queries compared to other LLC formation services.

Does IncFile Have A Fee Refund Policy?

Although some services provide 100% guarantees, IncFile doesn’t offer any such service. They charge cancellation fees ($30) and refund your payment only if your payment hasn’t been submitted for registration, which usually takes place within a day of the order.

Does It Make Sense to Complete An LLC Formation on My Own?

While some entrepreneurs prefer completing LLC formation procedures on their own, it is a major hassle. You have to invest precious time and resources into learning the LLC formation requirements of your state and complying with them. Additionally, you will have to do everything manually and won’t have access to the free ongoing filing reminders that Incfile provides.

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