The 5 Best Registered Agent Services In Wyoming

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Registered agent services are ready to assist anyone who has a desire to start a Wyoming business. Whether you live in Wyoming or reside outside the state, Wyoming registered agents and their accompanying formation services can help guide you through the process and compliance requirements.

Although it is easy to launch a Wyoming LLC, there are some rules that you need to follow for the company to be legally established. First, determine who will be the registered agent of your company.

A registered agent is someone or company who accepts official documents on behalf of your business.

Documents can contain sensitive information, such as financial statements or documents filed in a lawsuit. The confidentiality of these documents is crucial. Therefore, the chosen person or company must be trustworthy and reliable. The first step in setting up a Wyoming LLC is to select a registered agent. To set up a Wyoming LLC, you will need to file paperwork with the state. You will also need an IRS identification number.

One strong benefit is that home-based entrepreneurs and businesses can keep their personal addresses private by using a registered agent service.

Incfile's registered agent service

The features vary a little bit among registered agent services depending on the company that you choose. These services will often offer a compliance calendar that helps you keep track of important filing deadlines. You’ll also have access to their customer support teams. Finding the most professional and experienced registered agent is the goal of this article and guide.

This guide provides answers to frequently asked questions.

Our Top 5 Picks For Wyoming Registered Agent Services

  • Northwest Registered Agent¬† (Editor’s Choice!)
  • Incfile
  • ZenBusiness
  • Harbor Compliance
  • LegalZoom

Northwest registered Agent logo

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest is a well-known name in the industry of registered agents. Their experience spans more than 20 years. They’ve been in business since 1998, with offices in every state. Northwest has served clients in a variety of industries over the years.

Registered Agent Service Price For Wyoming $125/yr


Northwest has enjoyed a solid reputation over the past two decades.

Their customer service is another aspect that Northwest has consistently praised. The service’s simplicity is appealing to anyone looking to register their business. It is comforting to know that you have a solid customer support system available for technical problems.

Northwest Registered Agent website

Each client is assigned a personal support representative. The individual will act as your personal assistant and ensure that all your company’s needs are met. They will be available to you whenever you need them. These representatives are highly knowledgeable and can assist you with minor and major obstacles.

Northwest Registered Agent Monthly VIP Plan

Northwest charges $125 per year and is the only national registered agent service that scans all documents they receive as your agent. You will also receive personalized customer service that assigns an account representative to each client.

These are just a few of the top things you will like about Northwest.

  • Formation + Registered Agent Service + State Fees = Monthly Payment Options
  • You get a $100 discount per year if they are used for more than 10 states or you are the registered agent for more than 10 businesses.
  • Promises not to sell your personal information; stand behind their Privacy by default guarantee.
  • One year free registered agent service for LLC formations. An LLC formation cost is $225. ($125 per annum).
  • Get unlimited customer assistance for one year when you start a business
  • More than two decades of industry experience
  • Personal assistants are available to assist you throughout the process
  • Local scanning of all documents
  • Compliance assistance
  • A free suite of online tools
  • Assistance with filing an annual report
  • Easy filing with pre-populated forms
  • Personal assistants available¬†24/7, even outside of normal business hours

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Incfile logo

Incfile Registered Agent

Incfile’s registered agent service is free for the first year with any of their formation packages. With standalone rates starting at $119 per annum, they are one of the most popular LLC and registered agent services. They also offer a great free LLC formation service for those who have not yet created a business and want to be a registered agent.

These are our top favorites for Incfile.

  • Only service that offers free business formation services and one year of registered agent service
  • A 4.8 customer satisfaction score across more than 13,500 reviews is a remarkable sign of our customers’ enthusiasm.

ZenBusiness Logo 2021

ZenBusiness Registered Agent

Zen Business offers registered agent services starting at $99/yr

ZenBusiness registered agents

Although ZenBusiness offers registered agent services at a reasonable price, ZenBusiness does not specialize in registered agent services as Northwest does.

ZenBusiness registered agent Prices

ZenBusiness has great customer reviews on Trustpilot, so if you are hiring ZenBusiness to form your new business, you might also use its registered agent services.

Their customer service is available 7 days a week, and access to their software allows you to track your company’s annual reports and file them.

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Harbor Compliance logo

Harbor Compliance Registered Agent

Harbor Compliance landed on our list because they offer a wide range of services for a great price. Harbor Compliance is another full-service registered agency and LLC formation service, just like Northwest Registered Agent.

They offer a street address for California, mail forwarding, and scanning of documents. You can also access your documents online with an online account. They can also help with your Certificate Of Formation for your LLC.

It’s easy to sign up for their services, and it’s also simple to register for registered agent services within multiple states.¬†Although the computer system is fairly easy to use, it could be improved.

Harbor Compliance’s price is the only thing that really sets them apart from all other registered agent services on this list.¬†Their $99 per annum is $26 lower than Northwest Registered Agent and nearly $200 less than other premium registered agent services.

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LegalZoom New logo 2021

LegalZoom Registered Agent

Another popular option is the $299/year option. It does almost the same as the other services. We believe that the more affordable registered agent services are better and less expensive than the ones above.

LegalZoom may not be the most cost-effective service, but it does offer some great perks.

  • The largest national business service network
  • They offer comprehensive legal services so that they can be your one-stop source for all of your business and personal legal requirements.
  • The basic service for business formation costs $79 plus the state fees (a fair price).

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Why Use A Wyoming Registered Agent?

You can be your own registered agent in some states. You will need to make your personal information public if you want to be a registered agent. You will also be responsible for any services provided by a registered agent.

No matter if you hire someone or do it yourself, the work of a registered agent will have to be done. You can focus on more important aspects of your business by hiring someone to do the work.

What Does a Wyoming Registered Agent Do?

Every new business must register with registered agent services in all 50 states.¬†Whether you’re a big business with offices or an online retailer, it is necessary to register with your state.¬†To ensure compliance, you will need registered agents for your business.

Failure to maintain registered agent services could be disastrous for your business. Companies that let their registered agent services lapse are often penalized for things their agents would have noticed. Sometimes, the state may even dissolve a business completely because it was not properly represented.

Registered ants can be considered partners in your company. Registered ants play an important role in making sure that your most important administrative tasks are in order.

What Should You Consider When Choosing A Wyoming Registered Agent?

When choosing a registered agent service, there are many important factors you should consider. There are many options available, and it cannot be easy to choose the right one for your business. These are the key facets to choosing the right registered agent service.

First, find out what the registered agent offers.¬†It is not worth wasting your time or money to pay for services that the agent doesn’t offer.¬†You don’t want to spend money on services you won’t use.¬†Start by defining what services you require and then searching for registered agents who provide them.

Also, you need to ensure that the registered agent you select provides registrations for your state. Many laws and regulations govern the work of the registered agent. You should ensure that the registered agent you are hiring is licensed to work in your state.

We have listed the best registered agent service providers in the US for 2021. The providers listed above are the best for anyone looking to register a new LLC/Corporation.

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