Northwest is one of our favorite LLC services. One of the most familiar names in terms of registered agent and LLC formation services, Northwest Registered Agent, has become one of the largest registered agent companies.

For over two decades, the company is well-known for its high-quality customer service, reasonable pricing options, and a lack of pushing sales.

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Headquarters: Spokane, WA
One Of The Few LLC Websites With Offices In All 50 States!

Northwest Registered Agent Pricing

  • In the following section, we provide the most current pricing information regarding Northwest Registered Agent’s offerings to the general public.
  • Northwest Registered Agent offers a special LLC-formation offer to our readers. This offer is $39 + $225 state fees and includes:
  • Basic LLC formation includes a name availability search and document filing. If you’re in a rush, you can expedite LLC formation for $20 or $40 to get faster approval.
  • Services of a registered agent: Free for the first year; $125/year thereafter.
  • Notifications about annual reports: Northwest Registered Agents will send reminders by email before your annual reporting is due.
  • This offer allows you to add services from the following:
  • Annual Report Compliance service is free; there is no upfront cost. $100 + state fees will be charged five days before filing deadline. Northwest Registered Agent will file your annual reports for your LLC to reduce administrative burden.
  • EIN service $50: It involves getting an EIN from the IRS (a type tax ID number).
  • Operating Agreement $50: Northwest Registered Agent will send you a custom Operating Agreement that can be used immediately.
  • Certificate of Good Standing: This document can be required to get foreign qualifications for your LLC so that you can do business in another State.
  • A certified copy will be used to verify that your final approval paperwork is authentic. It may be necessary if you require a foreign certification in a different country.
  • Phone service – First 60 days are free and then you pay $9 per month. Northwest Registered Agent will provide a separate phone line to your business, which you can access online from any PC or smartphone.
  • Consultation with a Northwest Registered Agent about credit cards.

From their website,

At Northwest Registered Agent, you’ll find an in-depth assortment of business services, free legal forms, and how-to guides, each one created with the single purpose of helping people start and operate businesses.

That’s what we believe a registered agent should be—a real business solution that makes doing business easier and better.

Whether you’re seeking registered agent service in any US jurisdiction, want to start a company, looking for a free LLC operating agreement, want simple instructions on how file an annual report, or even want to do something obscure like learn how to reinstate a corporation, Northwest Registered Agent is here to guide you.

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Northwest Monthly Plans Available Include The State Fee

Northwest Registered Agent Prices for Texas


Pricing: Northwest Registered Agent offers two primary services, LLC formation and registered agent services. As the name implies, they are primarily known for their registered agent services. However, they also have an LLC formation service, which many take advantage of.

Monthly Plan: Northwest pays your state fee upfront and spreads it out into monthly payments. The Texas formation fee is $300, but for just $54 a month, you get a business formation and registered agent services for one year.

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This is mostly because those who start up a business and need LLC formation will probably need a registered agent.

Registered Agent: $125 per year

Northwest Registered Agent Prices

LLC Formation and One Year of Registered Agent Service
$225  $39
Discount Price! $39

Northwest Registered Agent discount price $39

Northwest New Price

Keep in mind that registered agents and LLC formation are not combined; they are separate services. With this purchase, your business will have a registered agent required by law in all 50 states. This means that the state has a legal way of contacting you for sending forms, notices, and the like. You can act as your own agent, but that can be problematic.

LLC Formation: $100, plus the state fee

LLC Formation + Registered Agent = $225  $39! plus the state fee

This service is a one-time fee, which means that all aspects of LLC formation filing are performed with just one payment.

Keep in mind that this service also includes a free year of registered agent services. But after that, it is $125 per year.

This means that you enjoy a significant discount for your first year of registered agent services if you include it with your LLC formation service.

Each plan comes with personalized customer support 

Northwest Registered Agent offers one advantage if you use their registered agent services because your personal information is kept private. This means that your business address for receiving notices and junk mail is through Northwest Registered Agent and not your home address.

This can be most advantageous for many types of businesses.

If you need to form an LLC this year and/or need a good registered agent service, we think they are one of the best LLC services available for 2021.

Northwest Registered Agent Strengths and Weaknesses


1. Same-day filing

Northwest Registered Agent commits to filing your LLC the same day you place your order.

Please note that you cannot file the articles of organization immediately. Some states may allow you to expedite your filing for an additional charge.

2. Excellent customer reviews

Though Northwest Registered Agent has fewer online reviews than its competitors, many of the positive reviews it has received are very positive.

The company is highly rated on Google reviews, Yelp reviews & Better Business Bureau reviews. Customers praise the simplicity of service, quick turnaround times, and especially the friendliness and helpfulness of the customer service team.

The BBB also rates them at 4.51/5.00

3. Great customer support

Northwest Registered Agent prides its self on being able to provide fast, competent, and hassle-free customer service and support through its internal customer support team.

You can reach Northwest Registered Agent via email or phone. They promise that they will answer any questions you have and help you. Instead of waiting or being passed around from rep to rep, you’ll speak directly to one representative.

Northwest Registered Agent will answer all your questions regarding business formation.

You have many options to reach Northwest Agents:

  • Online – Use the Contact Us form.
  • Telephone: Call them at 509-768-2249.
  • Email: Send your message to [email protected]
  • 4 Easy to use, clear communication, no upselling
  • Registering an LLC with Northwest Register Agent was easy.

We also enjoyed the extensive selection of legal explanation articles that were available on the company website.

Northwest Registered Agency No Upselling 

Northwest Registered agent doesn’t try and upsell you services you don’t need.

5. Trustworthy, reliable service

Northwest Register Agent has been in the LLC and registered agent business more than 20 years. The reviews they’ve received are clear.

They provide services for individuals and law firms who require LLCs to be filed on their behalf.

6. Great privacy protections

Northwest Registered Agent is proud of its strong reputation and commitment to user privacy.

Following the motto “Privacy by Default”, they have designed their business processes to protect your privacy and limit exposure to your personal data to the outside world.

According to their website, their privacy pledge includes:

  • They use their own company information (e.g. company address, IP address) to file documents instead of yours
  • We won’t sell your personal information to anyone
  • Ensuring the security and reliability of your IT infrastructure (it is inspected by an IT security team to identify vulnerabilities).
  • Limiting your access to your personal data to individuals who work in-house. Never sharing personal information with third parties without your consent
  • No one will ask you for information unless it’s absolutely necessary to complete your orders

We appreciate that Northwest Registered Agent clearly recognizes the need for protecting sensitive data. It is something not all competitors stress.


Northwest Registered Agent’s Weaknesses

I haven’t found anything yet worth mentioning


Northwest provides unique and personalized customer support by ‘Corporate Guides’
Phone 509-768-2249
They have offices in 50 states

Create an LLC online with Northwest 

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